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Valentins Day 2019 Images Photos Pictures: Today's Young Generation, on February 14, is waiting for the eagerly awaited, so much of the daytime is not for any other day. The celebration of Love, Valentine's Day Valentine's Day is really the day of celebration of true love?
Why Valentines Day is Celebrated on 14th February
In today's era, when boys and girls change girlfriends and boyfriends like clothes This year with whom Valentine's Day is celebrating, by the next year, how many of these valentines do not turn, which explains the front pocket and bank account rather than heart and emotions before adding a relationship. Can such people be expected of true love, do they know the true meaning of love?

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For sure, the three letters 'I Love You,' which starts with three alphabets 'I Hate You', also ends. It is fine that everyone in the democratic country has the right to celebrate the festival/festival, but should the young generation be misguided in the name of love, should not be stopped?
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Now leave the college, now the schoolchildren are still celebrating Valentine's Day. At the age of ours and you did not think anything other than the world of books and sports, today's children are talking about love, focusing on studies and career and looking for ways to celebrate girlfriends/boyfriends. Busy, is not it a matter of concern?
Love is the world's most beautiful feeling, which happens in two hearts, and it is not necessary that this love is only of husband and wife, lover and girlfriend.

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[caption id="attachment_266" align="Valentine's" width="650"]valentines week 2019 valentines week 2019[/caption]Love is pure in every form, whether it be of brother or sister, mother or son or father, and daughter. If someone really wants to celebrate the love, then there should not be any objection in it, but what is the celebration in the name of this festival in the west is that the definition of love is so limited.

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Boys and girls meet each other, hugging, kissing, going on a date, gift transactions and a little more modern, then moving forward one step further. There is no nomination of love in this contemporary love, there is no soft feeling, no feeling is done. If something happens then just a companion for attraction, lust and time passes. Yes, one pair of hundred may be a true lover. Anyway, one day can be repaired for love's sake. Love can never be from anyone if he does not see the day, time, date, then what is the need of this show in the name of his advertisement?
In our country where Radha-Krishna is considered a symbol of sacred love, the example of the unselfish love of Meera is given, why there is no imported formula for love-making? The western culture that we celebrate this festival with so much enthusiasm, it is called the celebration of love, did you ever think that if there was so much love there, then why not a husband and wife remain alive with the same humankind? Find out, why a child has many parents? Many times the child does not even know who his real father is?

Valentins Day 2019 Images Pictures

The 2nd week of February is always celebrated as Valentine's Week and February 14, Valentine's Day, but if you look at this week, then nothing looks like love here. The weekend starts on Rose Day, ends with Chapel Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Bear Day, Promise Day, Hog Day, Kiss Day, and Valentine's Day. Does the name of love ever be known anywhere these days, so why should we be promoted in the form of Valentine's Day as a day of idle? Well, films are also very handsome in its promotion.
Imagine that time has changed. Now be silent, not only the gestures of the eyes are not used to express affection, but this also does not mean that the openness of our love is open. For the youth, this should not be beneficial for a particular day, but the market needs profit, which roams over this alleged love. With the abundance of cards and gifts, special offers are also offered in the restaurant, theater etc. on that day. Many companies also offer special offers with their products for Valentine's Day to attract young people, and people take advantage of this discount to make their lover/girlfriend happy.
However, it is good news for those who are preparing to celebrate Valentine's Day with their lover, that this time Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal will not run their sticks behind them, these parties do not want to protest this particular day this time. I have decided. Well, in this period of market women, when relationships and relationships have changed the meaning of each, how does love change?