Tamil singer Srinidhi says My inspiration is Justin Bieber

Fourteen yr vintage Tamil singer Srinidhi VG has her desires set immediately. The Chennai-primarily based female hopes to turn out to be a popular singer in Hollywood, and in that pursuit, has already provide you with her first unmarried, Tantalized. A pop number, Srinidhi wrote the lyrics of the tune, rendered it and has additionally acted in the song video. "This track is ready betrayal and approximately a lover's touch.

Tamil singer Srinidhi says My inspiration is Justin Bieber

I worked on the song for the beyond five months and wrote the lyrics in an hour. on the subject of lyrics, I focus on what I sense at that factor of time and write the strains. a variety of it relies upon on my mood," stocks Srinidhi, who considers Justin Bieber to be her suggestion.

"I desired to turn out to be a singer for the final  years. i'm self-educated and could begin my expert vocal education quickly. Justin Bieber is my thought. i like the manner he lives his life and his growth has been out of the ordinary. My vocal suggestion is Ariana Grande," says the teen, who has a strong US accent.

"i've a variety of pals from the usa and i am hooked to videos on YouTube. I also watch a whole lot of English suggests. So, I guess the accessory is because of that. a lot of people assume that i am from america, however i am now not. i am hoping to make it large there, sooner or later," stocks Srinidhi, who's presently getting domestic-schooled.

"I used to take a look at in Chettinad Vidyashram till my 9th grade. however I began domestic schooling for my tenth. it is a very extraordinary enjoy to examine at home. It gets a piece lonely on occasion, and that i omit my buddies a lot. I do not get to spend too much time with them. however i'm happy i am getting to do what i like. i'm presently operating on my second single and it'll take round 8 months for the whole album to be finished," she concludes.

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