5 Facts to Watch 'Pasanga 2' Movie of Suriya

Pasanga 2 Movie of Suriya : Children’s movies are a rarity in Tamil  movie. It received’t be unrealistic to mention that Indian cinema itself is not producing many films for kids and the industry handiest concentrates on commercial mass entertainers to rake inside the moolah.

JUust like how Aamir Khan unfold focus on dyslexia through Taare Zameen Par, Suriya has now produced Pasanga 2 Full movie online, which deals with ADHD (attention Deficit Hyperactivity sickness) amongst kids.

Pasanga 2 Movie

Here are five reasons you have to watch Pasanga 2 Movie in cinemas:

#1. Suriya ‘s Unique Character#2. Filmmaker Pandiraj’s Touch#3. ADHD Awareness#4. Heavy Philosophy in Simple Dialogues#5. It’s a Film for Parents, Teachers and Kids

Suriya ‘s Unique Character

Suriya plays an academic activist known as Tamizh Naadan in Pasanga 2 movie. The actor has stated that he characterization might be on the strains of Robin Williams and Charlie Chaplin. lower back domestic, the actor has attempted something like mythical comedian Nagesh, who's additionally known for his emotional performances.

Filmmaker Pandiraj’s Touch

Director Pandiraj has turn out to be an expert in portraying a kid’s global with most degree of authenticity on the big screen. no longer to forget the reality that Pandiraj has won a country wide Award for his debut movie, Pasanga, which treated problems confronted via youngsters rural India.

ADHD awareness

A lot of us don’t recognize that ADHD or attention Deficit Hyperactivity sickness is a commonplace early life sickness, that may retain into adolescence. youngsters affected by ADHD are recognized to reveal terrible awareness, difficulty in gaining knowledge of and hyperactivity.

Frequently mother and father do now not understand or realize that their toddler is suffering from ADHD. through Pasanga 2, human beings might get to recognize greater about the ailment, and consistent with Suriya the difficulty has been addressed in a lighter be aware.

Heavy Philosophy in simple Dialogues

When we interacted with Suriya, he said that the dialogues in Pasanga 2 can be first-rate robust and might be used to deliver a few heavy philosophies without being preachy. The actor mentioned some examples from the movie, which roughly interprets into: ‘A seventy kilogram object beating seven-year-old is a crime’ and ‘more than top marks, right mind are vital’.

It’s a movie for dad and mom, teachers and youngsters

Suriya has also stated that Pasanga 2 is for all and sundry within the society. teachers ought to get to understand about the attitude of modern era of kids, mother and father have to realize what their youngsters need and youngsters too ought to realize the pain of their parents.

group Pasanga 2 is assured with the film and they are fantastic extremely joyful with the output. The movie releases in greater than three hundred displays throughout the globe on Friday.
(Karthik Kumar is an unbiased movie critic and journalist. He actively follows and writes on popular South Indian cinema and covers independent movies too.)

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